5th Vilnius Seminar on Cartosemiotics
May 6, 2009

2nd Geography Auditorium

International Cartographic Association, Commission on Theoretical Cartography

Vilnius University,  Centre for Cartography

Lithuanian Cartographic Society

Sponsored by Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation

Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the famous Lithuanian cartographer Vaclovas Chomskis (1909–1976)




10:00–10:20  Opening and keynote

Osvaldas Rukšėnas, Deputy dean of the Faculty of Natural sciences (Vilnius University)

Algimantas Česnulevičius, President, Lithuanian Cartographic society

Alexander Wolodtschenko, Chair, ICA Commission on Theoretical Cartography: Five cartographic-cartosemiotic seminars: what to do further?


10:20 – 12:00  Oral presentations:

Danutė Mardosienė (Vilnius): V. Chomskis and Lithuanian cartography

Algimantas Česnulevicius (Vilnius): Semantic aspects of cartographic signs on the XVII century maps of Lithuania.

Giedrė Beconytė (Vilnius): Lithuanian Geographic Information Infrastructure, GIS Data and Cartography

Marytė Dumbliauskienė, Paulius Kavaliauskas, Albinas Pilipaitis (Vilnius): The National Atlas of Lithuania


12:00 – 14:00    Lunch


14:00 – 15:20    Oral presentations

Alexander Wolodtschenko (Dresden): From Carto-Graphics to Cartosemiotic Thinking

Abraham Solomonik (Israel): Classifications aspects in cartography

Audrius Kryžanauskas (Vilnius): Unified approach to geographic problems

Kestutis Papšys (Vilnius): Geographic information science in Lithuania

Zoya Lysenkova and Kasianenko E. N. (Smolensk): Modern approaches to renovation of tourist maps of Smolensk region

Petras Putys (Vilnius): The application of Geographic information system for the patterning of the projections of the Lithuanian Quaternary intermorainic layers.

[to be announced] (Vilnius): Map of the 21st century conflicts in Europe


15:20-15:40       Coffee break


15:40 – 17:00    Oral presentations

Pavel Korotkich (Vilnius): Map of urbanistic development of Lithuania

Inga Ročiūtė, Marytė Dumbliauskienė (Vilnius): Analysis of perception of cartographic sign systems in Lithuanian geography atlases for schools

Ilona Urbanavičienė and Valdas Urbanavičius (Kaunas): Cartography: Practical Training Problems and Innovations at Kaunas College

Arturas Bautrėnas (Vilnius): Impact of colour schemes on cartographic training.

Romualdas Girkus, Ilona Urbanavičienė and Valdas Urbanavičius (Kaunas): Analysis of topographic mapping of Kaunas city


Poster presentations:

Nikolaenko D. (Kiev): Environmental epidemiology and newest tasks of cartography

Elsner L., Wolodtschenko A. (Germany): Streets of city Görlitz (from 1906 to 2006): cartosemiotic analysis

Poliakova N, Nikolaenko D,  Nikolaenko B. (Kiev): [to be announced]


Round table discussion