International Cartographic Association
Commission for Theoretical Cartography

Vilnius University
Centre for Cartography

Cartographic Society

5th Vilnius Seminar on Cartosemiotics
May 6, 2009


The seminar organized by the Commission for Theoretical Cartography of the ICA, the Centre for Cartography at Vilnius University and Lithuanian Cartographic Society is a bi-annual scientific event, designed for share of ideas and experience in the field of cartographic semiotics, communication and literacy.

The European Commission has declared the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009 with the slogan "Imagine. Create. Innovate". The aim of the Year is to promote creative and innovative approaches in different sectors of human activity, to raise awareness of the importance of creativity and innovation as a driving force for social and economic development. This time we invite the professional cartographers and students to demonstrate how to increase creative and innovative potential of thematic mapping at local, national and regional levels. We especially expect thematic map publishers to actively participate, share and learn the ideas of innovative map products.

The most welcome topics for the presentations and discussions are:
- The role of thematic maps in modern society
- Introduction of innovative cartographic projects and ideas
- International co-operation on socio-cultural cartographic projects
- Thematic maps for decision making
- Cartosemiotics and art
- Role and challenges of theoretical and thematic cartography in the SDI

The scientific seminar is planned as a one day event consisting of two paper and poster sessions, a round table discussion and a social program. You are invited to contribute with presentations focusing on the creativity, challenges and constraints of modern thematic cartography. The seminar ideas and experiences will be summarized during the discussions.